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Are you grounded?

Are you using the technique of grounding in your spiritual practice? Over the years, I’ve heard a lot about grounding and its importance in connecting myself to the Earth’s energy, which will help me focus better during meditation and release all of the sticky energy.

When I ground, ground, the process of becoming centered, I combine the art of breathing and visualization. The goal is to connect energetically with the Earth and push the negative energy away, allowing clean energy in.

How do I ground my energy?

Sit down in a comfortable position (you can even lay down if that is more comfortable for you), close your eyes and take a deep belly breath—allowing your belly to extend like a balloon. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this until you are calm and feel relaxed.

Once relaxed, visualize yourself as a tree with a root extending from the base of your spine, burrowing down into the Earth. No matter where you are, even if you’re on the second floor, you can imagine the roots going down the walls until it hits the bottom floor and starts to go dig into the ground, going ever farther until it hits the Earth’s center.

Once at the Earth’s center, I like to imagine two helpers there, waiting to tether the root or cord. These two helpers are in place to take the negative energy I am uploading into their mine cart and send it toward the hot, molten lava, where it disappears.

When the process is done with removing the energy, there is now space to accept new, clean energy. I can then continue the visualization by imagining a bright sun overhead. The sun is so bright that it warms me, and those bright rays are then able to soak into me through the crown of my head. This often causes the scalp to tingle and warming of my body.

Now that I am grounded, I can begin my intentional spiritual practice.

So tell us, how do you ground? What do you use grounding for daily?

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