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Discover your Woo-Woo with My Woo-Woo Journal

Are you looking for a way to be consistent in your personal spiritual journey? 2020 was my reset, and 2021 is part of the great awakening to Spirit.

It can be that for you, too.

I started journaling and created a guided journal, My Woo-Woo Journal: A Daily Journal for Manifesting, which I currently use to help me in this new phase.

Manifest a life you want to live through gratitude, finding love, and light.

This journal provides you an opportunity to reflect on your daily practice by writing down your daily affirmations.

As a part of your daily divination:

  • Keep track of your results, as well as what your daily draw means to you.

  • With a short prompt, write down the three things you are thankful for, as well.

  • A checklist provides space for you to mark off that you've completed your meditation, yoga and made sure to remain hydrated.

  • Create your habit of gratitude and mindfulness on your journey of self-discovery in these 200 pages.

Lean into the Law of Attraction connecting to the Universe by creating good habits combining meditation, yoga, and journaling into your everyday.

Grab your new journal, available at Amazon!

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