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The Number 1 Secret to what is stopping the Law of Attraction from working for you.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Why is the law of attraction not working for you? Ack! You’re manifesting your reality!

Are you frustrated by the lack? Do you know the one thing that may be standing in the way of your success with the law of attraction? Maybe you’re close to giving up or even thinking that this law of attraction stuff is just mumbo jumbo.

I want to give you a great tip on how you can get the law of attraction to work for you.

The biggest problem I see is that many people think that the law of attraction is only a list of things that are said over and over daily. Although affirmations are great and a part of the recipe, there is something important missing.

Can I ask you a question? How do you speak to yourself? What does your mind say to you?

Our minds constantly wish to tell us negative things, but with a specific word, we can change that. You see, we are all pool balls on the billiard table, waiting for an action to cause us to move. On this billiard table, the natural state of your mind is to protect you, and sometimes its fear kicks in, not allowing you to see opportunities available for you.

But with this technique, you can change that.

When it comes to spirituality, we often don’t notice the need for what we need until we are forced to see it. No matter how much I enjoy the principles of the law of attraction, focusing on affirmations without putting in work will not get me my heart’s desire.

Where you put your energy creates the bounty you then harvest. The law of attraction is the principle that energy attracts like-minded energy. (So, just like like things attract, when things are not alike they can also repulse).

So, what must you do? The action is a simple, no.

When negative thoughts arise, acknowledge and capture them, and tell them no, so that you do not miss the opportunity the Universe is sending your way.

It is the same for everything. A lack of alignment can hinder your manifestation.

Imagine if we just had to think of something for it to happen. Spirit knows what we need. However, Spirit also requires us to ACT.

We cannot find a loving partner without meeting people.

We cannot lose weight without taking proper action.

And we cannot have a closer relationship with the divine without investing time into that relationship and allowing Spirit to intercede on our behalves. But we also have to be willing to tell our minds no.

Remember, the Universe is always working to give you what you need, right when you need it. Take the time, find it, to tell that negative mind, no, so that you can attract all that Spirit wishes to give you.

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